5 Reasons to use WordPress for your business website

WordPress is an incredibly popular system for building websites. It’s free, flexible and infinitely scalable, which is great news for businesses with big ambitions. WordPress powers 41.2% of all websites, over 455 million of them at last count, so you’re in good company!

If you’re considering building a new website for your business or upgrading your existing one, WordPress is definitely a platform to consider.

It’s a content management system that provides the framework for you to build any type of website you want.

Want to include video or audio? No problem. Want to launch a new online store? Easy. Want to include a blog, email marketing component or accept online bookings? That’s simple.

We’re so enthusiastic about WordPress that we’ll give you 5 compelling reasons why you should use it for your next website.

1. WordPress is free

WordPress is a free content management system. It’s free in terms of cost and in terms of how you use it.

It’s open source, so you can literally take it, customize it, change it, and do whatever you like with it. This is one of the main reasons we like it.

WordPress was created to be all things to all websites and it succeeds admirably. All for free. No complicated licences, no yearly subscription or limits on how you use it.

It’s free and always will be.

You’ll need to pay for a good quality web host and domain name, but that doesn’t cost much at all.

2. WordPress is very easy to use

Even though it may look a little daunting when you first see it, WordPress has been built in a very logical way.

Everything starts at the WordPress dashboard. From there you can access all the features, add new ones, add pages, add blog posts and control everything.

Want a new look? Install a WordPress theme. Want to add a new feature? Add a WordPress plugin.

Want to create a new page? Select Pages and Add New. Want to publish a blog post? Select Posts and Add New.

Want to allow staff members to contribute to the website? Select Users and Add New.

You get the idea. Plus, with the introduction of Gutenberg and drag and drop page builders, anyone with any level of skill or experience can add pages, change layouts and customise everything you see on the page.

3. WordPress themes and plugins

A WordPress theme is what makes a website look attractive. It’s like a skin you use to make it look pretty.

Most WordPress themes can be fully customised, so you can buy a readymade theme, install it and use a page builder to customise it to fit your brand.

You can change everything about it, from how the menu looks to the fonts or colours you see on the page.

WordPress plugins are small apps you install onto WordPress to improve existing features or add new ones.

There are both free themes and plugins and premium ones. It’s entirely up to you which you use.

4. WordPress is stable and secure

Like all your IT systems, you want your website to be as stable and as secure as possible. WordPress helps deliver that.

It is regularly updated to address vulnerabilities and to improve performance. You can also use third-party security plugins to add two-factor authentication, firewalls and other security layers.

If you use a good quality web host, they will add another layer of network security so your website is as stable and as secure as it’s possible to be.

5. WordPress has great support

Because WordPress is so popular and so well established, it is also well supported.

The developers behind WordPress are continually working to improve it and make a better product. Theme and plugin developers provide support for their products too.

Then there’s the WordPress community. Millions of users help each other out in forums, on Redditt, through developers and on the WordPress website.

If you ever come up against something you don’t understand, there will definitely be someone around to help.

WordPress websites for business

There are dozens of other reasons why we recommend WordPress for websites, but we think you get the idea.

If you’re planning to level up your website, or build a new one, WordPress is the platform to choose. As long as you use a good quality web host, you’ll never be left wanting!

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