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Wireless Networks
providing secure, reliable and fast Wi-Fi access for your visitors

Why wireless networks?

Providing secure, reliable and fast Wi-Fi access for your visitors has become an essential service in many organisations. Offering free Wi-Fi access, which requires a Facebook Like or captures contact details for future marketing activities, is just one way our Wi-Fi service can enhance your business and deliver best value return from your investment.

We can also install, monitor and manage ‘invisible networks’ through Wi-Fi access points. These are ideal for shared accommodation, hotels, private premises and organisations where a consistent signal is needed for occupants throughout the building. It removes the hassle of multiple routers and is managed remotely by us.

Added Connectivity

Telephony and broadband services can be included, as well as network switches if required.

Maximum Flexibility

We offer a wide range of solutions to fit your exact requirements.


Options Available

Choose between different packages and add-ons such as content filtering, analytics and increased security.

Easy Administration

All solutions include management and user software so you’re in full control, or we let us manage it for you.

Heroic Support

Full access to our experienced UK based support team.

Complete Solution

Wi-Fi router(s) and access points supplied.

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