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Cyber Security Policy

Our cyber security policy

In today’s society, we are making more transactions and submitting more vulnerable information online than ever before, both in business and privately. This has lead to an increase in data theft and modification through random and co-ordinated cyber attacks. Here at Cloud Heroes, we believe the web should be a secure platform not just for banking and shopping, but for browsing too, and have therefore updated our company cyber security policy to include free SSL certificates to all new and existing shared hosting customers. This sets a precedent – as one of the UK’s first companies to actively work towards encrypting our customers’ website communications for free – and we hope many more will follow.

Websites with a valid SSL certificate will display a padlock in the address bar, signifying to visitors that all information sent from the site will be encrypted and is safe from eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks and modification. The certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to your business’ details, which allows secure connections from a web server to a browser when installed and verified. Typically used to secure online transactions, data transfers and user logins, these certificates are increasingly being used for browsing and social media sites.

We are working towards a more secure web, following in the footsteps of Google who recently announced a change in their indexing system to naturally favour https pages over non-secure http. This means our customers will also receive a slight boost in their SEO performance with their enhanced cyber security measures.

New and existing customers can find out more about our SSL certificates here.

Cyber security has always been important to us and an integral part of our service offering, with our customers already being able to add 2FA (two factor authentication), IP restrictions, encrypted backups, SSH and RSA keys to their services. The SSL certificates will help our customers further enhance their security measures and, in turn, pass on the benefits to their own customers, helping us make the web a little bit more secure with every certificate issued.

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