Who Have Cloud Heroes Been Working With So Far in 2014?

Is it vain, or even acceptable, to talk about the sort of projects one is working on?

It may be vanity; it may be unacceptable to some; but what better way to let people understand a little more about your capabilities and the types of people you enjoy working with?

If you wish to find out a little bit more about what we do and who we do it for, then read on. If not, now would be a good time to click on the next article. Happy reading whichever option you choose.

So who have Cloud Heroes been working with so far in 2014?

A Charitable Organisation:
Working with a charity is potentially a difficult situation. I’m sure we all want to ‘do the right thing’ and help people where possible; though on the other hand, we all have to earn a living. Therefore, it is always rewarding when one can achieve both.

Working with a local charity, we were able to provide them with an extremely cost-effective telecoms and integrated cloud computing solution which has revolutionised the way they operate, making them more efficient as an organisation and therefore, more effective in the way they help their ‘customers’. It means, that for every Pound they receive in donations, they can achieve more for the less fortunate individuals whom they help. Our thanks go to Microsoft who provide concessionary rates for charitable organisations who use their software.

Web Design Agency:
Helping people in difficulty is a way of life for Cloud Heroes. We always get the biggest buzz when we are able to make a real difference.

One of the ‘nicer wins’ recently was a web design & development agency who had been suffering an unacceptable number of outages with their incumbent hosting provider which was causing difficulties for their own customers. Cloud Heroes were able to provide them with a low-risk way to try our services; to compare us with the supplier they had been using previously and to make a decision on whether to put their trust in us. We are pleased to say that the trial proved extremely successful and as well as providing a much more stable hosting environment, they told us unsolicited: “It’s so much faster than we’ve been used to…”

Digital Marketing Agency:
Sometimes a project comes along which allows us to blend our range of skills and services to provide an enterprise-wide solution; this project did just that.

Initially, we were approached to provide a fast and reliable hosting environment and to work closely with their in-house software development team. This quickly led to a range of other projects and services being implemented alongside their internal I.T. department and we now provide Hosted Exchange email across the business; hosted telecoms; high-speed Internet access via our Ethernet data connection service plus a range of related IT and cloud services.

Working closely with our customers and the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve made a real difference to their business is what drives us every day.

Our thanks to you…
These are just a few of the customer and project types we have been working with in the last two months which have contributed to our own growth and success. We’d like to thank all of you, our highly-valued customers and business contact for your on-going support and assistance.

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