Grumpy Old Men

Once you reach fifty, there is a tendency to join that group affectionately known as ‘Grumpy Old Men’. Well today I have joined them and I want to get some stuff off my chest!

There is an old saying along the lines of “…money is attracted to money…”. Is it also true that advertising and promotion is attracted to better-known brands?… Of course it is, after all, they probably have an army of PR people pushing ‘stuff’ out to all and sundry and if it sounds exciting, or it is a slow-news-day, then it gets printed. Some might even believe that this ‘ground-breaking’ news is actually worthy of the headlines!

Well here’s hoping that an objective reporter from #TheRegister manages to read this article and decides that the balance needs to be redressed, as online content regularly reports innovations from a certain provider of cloudy solutions as if the secret of alchemy had just been discovered!

Our friends over at this certain company – I can’t mention them by name but they provide space in racks if that gives a clue – have been very successful at getting ‘air-time’ on such things as ‘On-metal Cloud’ and ‘Managed Cloud’ as if it were unheard of anywhere else in the industry. Whilst I cannot speak for the plethora of cloudy providers across the globe, Cloud Heroes have created and have been providing both of these services, and many more innovative, business-led hosted solutions, for years. Oh, and whilst I am having a moan, the aforementioned (or non-mentioned) company has even started advertising using ‘cloud heroes’ as a marketing theme. The cheek of it!…is that legal?… Anyway…

It is little wonder that I am becoming paranoid that there is a spy in our camp, passing on our innovations and ideas to the competition; or is it that we just have to smarten-up our marketing before the ‘big boys’ catch up with the innovations that Cloud Heroes have been creating for decades.

Well the good news is, we have – smartened up our marketing that is, and coupled with the addition of Robin Phillips in the role of Business Development Manager, we can stop hiding our light under a bushel and let it glow in all its glory.

There’s another old saying: “…don’t get mad, get even…” So let’s start redressing the balance now. If you know anyone who requires rock-solid hosting and network & systems infrastructure, spread the word: People with space in racks are not the only option – the real Cloud Heroes are here to help!

My day as a grumpy old man is almost up. I feel better for it – now back to work!

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