Hybrid Cloud – the post pandemic hero

As we emerge from our second national lockdown and another wave of working from home for most businesses, its clear to see that working life has now irreversibly changed. With these changes come realisations that whilst many IT strategies had ‘Cloud First’ at the forefront, it has rapidly shifted to ‘Cloud now’.

So what is Hybrid Cloud and how does it ensure that your business is set up now and into the future to support all types of worker?

The explanation

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of public and private cloud (and sometimes on-premise data systems) that essentially adapts to your specific business needs and also evolves with them. It serves many functions including data storage, computing and services. How you tailor it very much depends on your industry and the applications you use to keep your business running.

Where did it come from?

A product of DevOps, Hybrid Cloud emphasises the need to think about the whole picture in a business. To maximise productivity a business needs to be able to manage their internal systems and software updates whilst adapting fast to the unpredictable – Coronavirus being a case in point. Hybrid Cloud also aligns a business for growth and is a foundation for business continuity.

Fasttrack to Digital Transformation

Essentially many businesses who were previously looking at digital transformation now find it hard to ignore. Traditional methods and outdated technology simply won’t cut it in the post pandemic workplace if a company wants to survive and grow.

If systems are incompatible and speeds are slow this has an immediate knock on effect to teams and therefore customers. Remote and home working is now widely accepted, it’s been a worldwide ‘experiment’ which is here to stay and now requires the infrastructure to back it up.

Surviving and thriving

Companies that didn’t need scalability previously are now finding they are in urgent need. Hybrid Cloud enables entry into the digital era and therefore a ticket to a thriving business with productive teams that can easily support their customer base.

At Cloud Heroes we work with you to design and implement a Hybrid Cloud infrastructure that is completely tailored to your business needs, our friendly team and 24/7-365 support package is second to none too!

P.S For a bit of further reading check out our previous blog post on reviewing your IT strategy post pandemic.

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