Is your data backup working?

It may sound crazy to have a backup of a backup but it’s actually something every company should have. Checking that your backup has worked and most importantly is valid is essential to the continuity of your business.

With evermore complex infrastructures and targeted cyber attacks on the rise, businesses now need virtually bullet proof protection to keep their data safe. Having a backup is essential but what if it fails?

Even if your data is held in the Cloud at data centre level, it’s worth having a backup plan (pun intended!)…

Backups can and do fail

So your backup fails or perhaps it happens but the data is invalid, this is a crisis situation for any business and one that can be easily prevented.

Following the recent destruction of the data centre in France, it goes to show that rare disasters can and do happen. Cyber attacks are less rare and are all over the news with huge companies being brought to a standstill overnight, not to mention the small companies who are targeted even more frequently. So how can you ‘belt and brace’ your data?

Backing up the backup

We’ve been working on a new solution that fully checks and ‘backs up the backup’ so no matter what happens, you can rest assured its working and also check the integrity of the data yourself.

We use our UK based data centres to set up a new temporary virtual server for your data backup. We then restore your data on to it and once that’s completed it gets sent to you for integrity checking over a seven-day period.

If you need longer to check your data, we just charge a small daily fee for rental of the server space.

Peace of mind

With this type of solution, you then have total peace of mind that your data can be recovered at any moment in time, no matter what the situation is. Think of it as having your eggs in two baskets!

This system forms a robust base for your business continuity plans too, ensuring your business can continue to operate and generate revenue through any and every potential set back.

We can run this back up check for you as part of your managed service plan, or at regular intervals as you require it. We simply charge a one-off rate of just £99 each time you use it.

To book or find out more, call our friendly team on 01225 776555 or email us here.

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