The M25 Nightmare – Rising Hosting Costs

The last eighteen months have seen amazingly sharp rises in the cost of energy and nowhere has this been harder felt than in the data centre. To make matters even worse, data centres are finding that they just don’t have sufficient power to utilise all the floor space in the server halls – we know of one hosting company who wanted to add to the suite in Telehouse Europe only to be told that there was insufficient power and cooling to allocate a new rack!

Modern servers and equipment have helped, with consumption for even the most powerful of servers having fallen dramatically over the last five years but as the need for more and more cloud space is generated, more and more servers are required to fulfil the need. That’s where Cloud Heroes’ secure and reliable hosting solutions can help!

We have facilities available outside of the ‘madness’ which is the M25 and which do not require businesses to look to Manchester as the only viable alternative. We have local data centre facilities which mean that businesses in and around the Bristol and Bath areas of the South West regionĀ are never more than an hour’s drive from their servers – should they need to visit them for maintenance. But why bother? We can provide all the physical support required from a helping hand to full server upgrades and re-builds. This can be underpinned by comprehensive or ad-hoc sys-admin and management services.

As business continuity becomes increasingly important, so does building a hosting infrastructure which can provide automatic failover, self-healing capability and automated recovery become a very expensive exercise. That’s where virtualisation comes in.

We have created a highly-resilient and high-performance virtualised cluster spread over multiple data centres, which provides the basis of a rock-solid hosting platform for your demanding business needs. Using less power per cycle than the colocation model – backbone services are shared hence the core power is aggregated over many customers; using less disk infrastructure as high-capacity SANs spread the load and cost of storage; using integrated backup service and low-cost, dedicated, virtualised firewalls; we provide everything you need to support your business hosting at a much-reduced cost than you’ll find inside the M25 ring – or anywhere else for that matter!

Whatever your server hosting requirement, collocated servers, dedicated/managed server, virtual servers or cloud servers, Cloud Heroes will build a tailored solution which perfectly fits your business needs. Take a look at our solutions and customer testimonials here.

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