Microsoft releases first major Windows 11 update

Microsoft has released the first major update to Windows 11, update 22H2.

We have seen small updates and fixes ever since Windows 11 was released but this is the first major update we have seen.

There is a selection of feature and productivity updates in this new version. We have tested it here and it seems to work well, on our test machine anyway!

Windows 11 update 22H2

Windows 11 update 22H2 was released on 20th September 2022 and is gradually being made available across the world.

It’s a gradual update and Microsoft is watching carefully for feedback and issues before it makes it universally available.

Given some of the faux pas Microsoft has made over updates in recent times, we think this is a good idea.

Even though you can control Windows updates in enterprise, curious users always seem to find a way to update even when you don’t want them to!

So, what’s in Windows 11 update 22H2?

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen update

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen has been updated to add phishing protection. Phishing has become a primary attack vector at home and at work.

Any tangible improvement to protections has to be a good thing.

Windows 11 22H2 adds a check that monitors anywhere users add their Microsoft credentials.

For example, if a user visits a malicious website and enters their login details, the system will alert them and explain the potential threat.

Smart App Control is being updated to automatically block untrusted or unsigned apps.

It will also block those VBA office macros that were the cause of so much trouble earlier this year.

File Explorer tabs

File Explorer tabs is such a simple thing but we had had to wait years for it to arrive. Mac OS has had them for ages, now Windows users will too.

It’s an excellent feature addition that should make life much easier for system admins and general users alike.

Focus Sessions and Do Not Disturb

Focus Sessions and Do Not Disturb allow users to focus more on what they are doing and minimise distractions.

It won’t prevent colleagues coming up to your desk and interrupting you. It will suppress notifications and provide timers to help you concentrate on getting that presentation or content done on time though.


Clipchamp is a new video editing tool for Windows 11. It’s a modern version of Windows Movie Maker that can help you design and edit videos for marketing or just for fun.

It’s no replacement for enterprise tools but if you want to quickly edit a video to add to content without having to pay for, or learn a new application, Clipchamp can help.

Windows Studio update

Windows Studio is a webcam app that adds backgrounds, blur effects, noise cancellation and other goodies to meetings.

There’s a new Eye Contact feature in this update that will somehow make it look as though you’re making eye contact even when you aren’t.

Windows Shell

Windows Shell is getting an update too. The new UI is more in keeping with Windows 11, the taskbar and Start menu are getting some attention and a new Suggested Actions menu will copy something from elsewhere.

There’s also a new snapping mechanism that makes it easier to place windows, tile them and snap them into place.

There are also improvements to the Windows Account page, Windows Update and new settings sprinkled liberally around the interface.

Task Manager

Task Manager is also getting a new look with a more Windows 11-like UI, a new side menu and a much clearer and cleaner way to access information.

While most users won’t get to see the new Task Manager, home users and admins will find it a much nicer place to be.

There is a lot to this update even though it isn’t quite the showstopper we saw with Windows 10. Nevertheless, the improvements all seem to be user-driven and offer proper benefits to home and business users.

Have you tried it yet? Have any opinions on it? Tell us about it if you have!

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