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13Aug 2021
CH blog banners web hostingWeb hosting – what you need to know

Web hosting – what you need to know

Every great website needs an even greater hosting service behind it. There’s nothing worse than an intermittent site, or one that regularly crashes, especially if your customers depend on it. We’re exploring what good web hosting looks like and the things you should always make sure are in place when choosing a provider.

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30Jun 2021
Cloud Heroes Blog Business Continuity and DevicesBusiness continuity and devices – what you need to know

Business continuity and devices – what you need to know

As we all transition back to work, many offices are now operating a hybrid working environment where teams work partly in the office and partly at home. The pandemic has shown us that with the right equipment we can work from anywhere, but how do you stay secure and protect sensitive business data?

If your devices are being used in different locations, the risk of a breach, loss, theft and damage multiply.

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11Jun 2021
CH backup the backup blogIs your data backup working?

Is your data backup working?

It may sound crazy to have a backup of a backup but it’s actually something every company should have. Checking that your backup has worked and most importantly is valid is essential to the continuity of your business.

With evermore complex infrastructures and targeted cyber attacks on the rise, businesses now need virtually bullet proof protection to keep their data safe. Having a backup is essential but what if it fails?

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