WordPress support – why you need proactive hosting

If your website is built on WordPress, you’ll need a secure and reliable hosting solution to keep your site and its data protected. With a managed hosting service, you‘ll also benefit from the latest updates and essentially a worry-free back office.

Why do I need managed WordPress hosting?

It’s tempting to go with the many ‘free’ hosting companies out there who exchange hosting for advertising – but we strongly advise against it.

These companies can shut down your site with no notice and in the worst cases distribute malware to your users.

They simply offer hosting and wouldn’t take care of the optimisation, patching and updates too. So you could end up with large gaps in security or a lot of downtime, broken links and pages.

The benefits of a managed service

For those who want to save time or don’t have the in-house expertise, a managed option is the way forward. Its cost-effective, secure and it grows and scales with your business.

Here are just a few of the benefits we provide with our managed WordPress hosting solution:

  • Full site performance optimisation
  • Site security checks
  • Updates and patching
  • Cloud backup
  • Advisories around plugins
  • Unlimited resource at our UK data centres
  • Full technical support

This type or proactive approach means you can get on with running and growing your business without the worry that your site will go down and you’ll lose important income. This is especially important if you run an ecommerce businesses or your company relies on your website to service clients.

Additional perks

Build and content management

Along with proactive hosting, our team is also able to design, build, modify and add content to your WordPress website should you need it. We can also create a WordPress site for you from scratch, just tell us your requirements and we’ll deliver what you need.

Our friendly support team

We have a dedicated in-house support team who are always on hand for help and advice. You’re never ‘just a number’ and you’ll always speak to a person!

Robust security

Our UK data centres are monitored 24/7/365, SSL certificates come as standard as well as firewalls and DDoS protection, plus the all-important backups. Security of our clients (and their clients!) data is something we take very seriously.

Domains and email

We can look after and/or provide you with domain names and email addresses. You can transfer your domains to us for less stress around renewals and keep everything in one place. If you need email hosting, we offer the full Microsoft 365 suite.

Enhanced performance

As our data centres are in the UK, you’ll reap the benefits of improved website performance due to the geographical location. This helps your rankings on search engines as well as the experience your users have online. We also guarantee 100% uptime.

So if you’re looking to move to WordPress or move your WordPress website to a more proactive hosting solution, speak to us and we’ll look after you!

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