Cloud backup, everything you need to know

Whatever the size your of business, protecting your data is of paramount importance. With huge growth in data and paperless environments, not to mention the surge in working from home since the pandemic its now vital.

Traditional methods of storage simply won’t cut it and on-premise is a risky strategy. If you lost your data due to a security breach or disaster, would you be able to continue to trade?

Call for extra back up!

Many businesses don’t realise that Office 365 only has a backup period of 30 days, Sharepoint has even less at just 14 days. Office is very secure and one of the best solutions out there but back up is up to you, Microsoft is not responsible for the protection and retention of your data.

This runs true for many other common apps used in the workplace too, if you lost access to all the information on your office environment, spreadsheets, emails, proposals, confidential files, payroll etc, how would your business cope?

Backing up to the Cloud at data centre level, means there’s a copy of everything you need should the worst happen and best of all it can be restored in minutes.

Cloud backup covers you for complete loss, accidental deletion, changes to documents and stolen data too.

Free up time

With a Cloud backup solution, everything is off-premise and under control in our UK based data centres. By having your data stored here, you can take advantage of freeing up your IT team from manual chores and technology issues.

Troubleshooting problems, manual backups and reviewing logs are extremely time consuming. When free of all this, your teams can work on strategic projects that will help to grow your business and better serve your customers.

Our Cloud backup solutions are fully managed, secure and data protected. Our UK-based data centres are monitored 24/7/365 so everything just works. You and your teams have the peace of mind that your data is safe, fully retained and always recoverable.

In the event of a disaster

So the worst happens and disaster strikes, maybe it’s a data breach or you come in to a flooded office. How do you carry on operating?

It’s time to activate your business continuity plan (if you don’t have one of these, take a look at our article here) and if you’re backed up to the cloud, your data will be simply restored in minutes

Our standard Cloud backup transmits change to data overnight every 24 hours or you can choose real time replication. This constantly records changes to data, so everything you retrieve will be current, from just moments before the disaster happened.

Savings and security

Backing up to the Cloud is no longer an expensive option, it offers a predictable monthly cost that can easily be scaled up or down according to the demands of your business. There’s no Capex to worry about and if you have in-house IT, there is a huge saving to be made in man hours on unprofitable tasks.

We keep our costs low so any size business can benefit and most importantly keep trading should the worst happen.

Protection and data encryption all come as standard within our pricing and your data is kept at our secure UK data centres.  All of our backup processes are constantly monitored to ensure they complete successfully and any issues are automatically picked up and resolved by our heroic support team. We’ve already fixed it before it becomes and issue!

All our data centres are UK based and conform to ISO 27001 standards with the option for environments that support PCI_DSS compliance too.

So get in touch and we can discuss your requirements, our friendly team are always on hand for help and advice, we support thousands of businesses of varying sizes throughout the UK with our enterprise class solutions.

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