Cloud Heroes Data Centre Services – the benefits to your business

Are you looking to streamline and save costs in your IT operations? If so, then outsourcing your infrastructure to Cloud Heroes will not only deliver but take your business to the next level. Your teams can work faster and securely allowing you to better serve your customers.

Partnering with Cloud Heroes means you can implement complex IT solutions that would have several limitations in house. By using services from our UK based data centres, your options are limitless, we do all the hard work for you – it’s what we’re really good at!

If you’re hesitant about making the switch, here’s how we can set you up with an infrastructure that won’t hold your business back.

Low cost peace of mind

In-house IT infrastructure can get very expensive, very quickly. The significant Capex of on-premise servers as well as the risks surrounding them being within your property are huge. Not to mention the power and cooling demands on top and associated costs that come with it.

Virtualization of your server within a data centre is by far the most inexpensive and high security option to protect your business data. With no overheads to worry about and round the clock security it’s a winning combination over the traditional methods, with all the peace of mind you could ask for.

Uptime that cannot be beaten

Server uptime is crucial to the smooth running of any business and measuring the value of your IT solutions. Imagine if all your systems went offline and you couldn’t operate? Maybe it’s happened to you before?

Public cloud providers can promise a lot but under deliver and then you can find yourself in a catastrophic situation. Our data centres deliver 100% uptime day in day out so you can rest assured that your systems are up and working to maximum capacity, whenever you need them.

Superfast connectivity

Our data centres keep your business connected whatever the time of day. We’ve got the ability to use multiple connectivity points to provide you with public and private cloud, big data, streaming and more. Whatever it is your business does, the data centre will cope effortlessly with the load.

We can also prioritise your traffic too, ensuring that all your business-critical apps are always on and always delivering.

Futhermore, through the use of IP-VPN connections, the data that flows in and out of your business is fully encrypted for added security of sensitive data.

24/7/365 monitoring

To ensure your systems are running to maximum capacity, they need constant maintenance. Patches, updates and emergencies can take up a huge amount of man hours. This is often detrimental to business success as it’s time that could be spent developing your infrastructure for business growth.

We take this pain away by it simply never being an issue again! Technicians at our data centres work 24/7/365 to optimise and fix any issues, ensuring your services are perfect every day. Essentially a problem is fixed before you even knew there was one. You can then plough your IT teams into developing your systems to exceed the expectations of your customers.

Security as standard

Something we are seeing more and more since the pandemic are DDoS attacks. Data breaches and other cyber attacks are also on the rise so it’s more important than ever to keep your data safe.

SME’s are targeted daily and often lack the resources to cope with such an attack. If you hold particularly sensitive data on individuals too, that will raise the risk of having your systems compromised as such data is infinitely sellable for hackers.

At data centre level, the security is multi layered and always current. Firewalls, data encryption and 2FA along with physical security teams on site mean that it couldn’t be safer. This all comes as standard with any of our services too, so no need to worry about hidden costs here.

Essentially, Cloud Heroes are here to make sure your business is on track to thrive and grow in 2021 and beyond. By using our data centres we can position your business for anything and allow it to constantly adapt to your market whilst guaranteeing your data security and that of your customers.

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