How will IP-VPN services benefit your business?

If you operate from multiple sites and/or have many more people working from home, it’s vital that your internal company network is private, secure and resilient to protect your operations.

Our data networking services deliver a fast and reliable means of connecting your offices and home workers via our secure MPLS enabled IP network, using flexible cloud technology at the fraction of the cost of point-to-point services. MPLS prioritises and routes internet traffic to ensure your VoIP, video conferencing and other cloud applications are better served.

What exactly is MPLS?

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is a term given to the act of essentially ‘labelling up’ your internet traffic and then giving priority to your business critical data. It’s not a type of connection but a method of using your connection more efficiently. You choose the order of priority and we make it happen. This guarantees the 100% uptime for the services that enable your business to operate.

How secure is my data?

IP-VPN connections are super secure. The network is hack proof and all internet activity is encrypted and unreadable in transit. If you have multiple locations and/or home workers with a lot of data transfer, using the open internet leaves you at risk of your network becoming exposed and your data being intercepted. Our solution enables that data, including video and voice, to be sent securely and quickly between workers and locations.

Where are your data centres based?

Our resilient data centres are based in both London and Wiltshire with highly trained engineers monitoring your systems 24/7, constantly overseeing infrastructure security and uptime. To ensure your business-critical apps and data are in a safe environment, there are multiple layers of redundancy built in.

With more and more employees working from home during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to protect your business data. With our secure IP-VPN service you can ensure that your teams are connecting in and working productively with no risk to your company.

On top of class leading products, Cloud Heroes offer a complete support wraparound that is available to you whenever you need it, our team pride themselves in their ability to understand a look after our customers. You are never just a number!

Talk to us and we’ll help you decide the best plan for your business, we love a complicated job too so the more technical the better, its what we’re best at!

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