Six reasons why your business needs an IP-VPN solution

Considerably reduce the risk of security breaches and cyberattacks.

To a hacker, all business data is valuable, no matter what services you provide or what data you hold. Having the view that your business data may not be of interest to anyone could cost you a large amount of money. Only the biggest breaches make headlines, the reality is that over 46% of UK businesses have reported a security breach according to the latest cyber security survey. Since the pandemic, some of these businesses are reporting weekly attempts to compromise their data. By using a VPN, your teams will be off any public networks which greatly reduces the risk of a data breach.

Your employees are working from home (or anywhere else) in the ‘new normal’

During lockdown in the UK, the office of national statistics reported that 46.6% of non-furloughed workers did so from home. Since lockdown eased they have reported that 26% are now working from home on a regular basis and if they are not in the office, they could be working from a hotel, coffee shop or even public transport. Using home or open wifi leaves the data they are sending wide open to being intercepted. Wherever they are, if they log in via your VPN, you have peace of mind that all the data they share is secure and fully encrypted.

Reduce your time and costs

A VPN is an affordable way of having military grade encryption of data in transit for your business, with all information flowing through a UK based highly resilient data centre that is monitored 24/7. Secure authentication and access to web apps and services too mean your teams can work quickly and productively. By using our web hosting and MPLS traffic prioritisation services in addition to this, you get the full package of speedy and secure internet solutions and 100% uptime for a fraction of the cost of point to point services.

Employee productivity

If employees feel secure whilst logging into public networks and they often work remotely or travel a lot they will be able to work much more effectively. A two hour train journey could be put to good use if they can send files and share data rather than just sending a few emails or conducting research online.

Client peace of mind

Your customers like to know you are taking every measure possible to secure their data. If you collect patient data or even just email addresses, with GDPR so prevalent and identity theft on the rise its good for them to understand how secure their details are with you. They may not understand the technicalities of a VPN but why not tell them in your latest newsletter or pop them an email to reassure them. It makes for better relationships and therefore retention of their business.


If your employees need to travel there can often be certain restrictions around internet usage in different countries. As your real IP address is replaced when you use a VPN, they can easily connect to the office, access documents, data, social media accounts and generally all the applications they need to complete their work from wherever they are located around the globe.

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