Is your company security strategy ready for 2024?

Is your company security strategy ready for 2024?

You can always depend on criminals to try to prey on the vulnerable when times are tough. Just because you’re a business, doesn’t mean you’re not regarded as vulnerable.

Businesses are a prime target for cyber attacks due to the potential payoff and often overworked staff.

Even the best-staffed IT security department is always under pressure and fighting to keep up.

With attacks doubling in 2023, is your business ready for 2024?

If not, perhaps Cloud Heroes can help.

The Cyble Q3 2023 Ransomware Report

The Cyble Q3 2023 Ransomware Report makes for sobering reading and reflects similar reports we have seen from other companies.

The report identifies:

Healthcare as the new prime target – The healthcare system across the world but primarily in the US is now the prime target for attacks. Other industries are still under threat, but it seems the potential for payouts or sensitive data is too much of a temptation.

Professional Services, IT & ITES, and Construction come next – After healthcare come traditionally higher income businesses. These industries also deal in sensitive data and have the income to be able to pay criminals to restore access.

The US is still the most targeted nation – In news that will surprise nobody, the United States is the most-targeted country for cyber attacks. The report said the US faced more ransomware attacks than the next 10 countries combined, including the UK, who came second.

New ransomware variants are on the rise – While the usual suspects are still a primary threat, criminals have been working hard to deliver new threats using new tools and languages, especially Rust and GoLang. The landscape is evolving fast and AI is only going to make it faster.

New ransomware groups are also on the rise – New groups are also increasing. LOCKBIT is still busy but newer groups like Cactus, INC Ransom, Metaencryptor, ThreeAM, Knight Ransomware, Cyclop Group, and MedusaLocker are all trying to make a name for themselves.

How to prepare your security strategy for 2024

Every business, in every industry can prepare themselves better in an ever-changing cyber security landscape.

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your business for a secure 2024:

Invest in training

Just as the threat landscape is constantly changing, so are the defences. Making sure your security teams are up to date, current with certifications and skills and prepared for what’s to come is key.

AI may be taking up some of the slack but its people that form your first line of defence.

Emphasis on backups

Most business have a backup strategy, but has it been updated recently? Has it been tested? Are you confident it will keep the business going should the worst happen?

Perhaps now would be a good time to revisit your backup strategy to check the solutions, the processes and test it all. Better identify weaknesses now rather than during a situation!

Secure authentication methods and Zero-Trust architecture

Phishing is still prevalent and still presents a significant risk to businesses. Using multi-factor authentication or password-less authentication can help.

As can zero trust. While the name isn’t the best, we all know how important it is to restrict access to systems and data wherever possible to minimise risk.

Invest in Threat Intelligence Platforms

Threat Intelligence Platforms (TIP) provide accurate, up to date intelligence on current threats.

TIPs can provide essential information to help identify, classify and tackle the latest threats. They can also provide a higher level view of implications and wider impacts, which can prove invaluable.

Address vendor risk management

Risks posed by vendors and supply chains are still significant. If a criminal cannot penetrate your network directly, an asymmetrical attack is the next best thing.

Our awareness of vendor risk management is much higher than ever before, but not every business addresses the risks adequately.

Work with Cloud Heroes

If your IT department doesn’t have the skills or bandwidth to address evolving threats or the increase in attacks, perhaps 2024 is the ideal time to work with a vendor that has.

Cloud Heroes provides a wide range of essentials services, from hosted desktops and email to 24/7 system and network monitoring.

Whatever challenges you’re facing in 2024, we can help protect you from them.

Contact one of our team to learn more.

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