New Google Security Update Will Hit January 2017

Is your business website non-https? 

This summer we decided to give all our hosting customers free SSL certificates. We made quite a lot of headlines, both in print and online, as one of the first companies (if not the only) to offer this increased cyber security measure without any additional or hidden costs.

Many asked us why? The answer is simple, really. If our hosting customers have strong cyber security measures in place, they get more out of their online presence. We’ve also been keeping an eye on Google’s work towards a safer web and we thought SSL certificates would form a very important part of this, so we urged our customers to take up the offer to protect their business websites against future browser changes.

We were right. 

From January 2017, Google Chrome will start marking non-https sites as insecure. We believe other major browsers will follow, which could have severe consequences for business. The first stage will be to label websites that include password or credit card forms, with the long-term plan to label all http websites.

An SSL certificate will protect your website and, in turn, protect your customers from eavesdropping and man-in-the-middle attacks while on your site.

What have you got to lose? It’s free.

Existing customers are asked to please contact the support team. If you’re not an existing hosting customer and would like more info, please contact us.

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