Time for change? Digital transformation in 2021

When you mention the words many businesses would likely think that Digital Transformation sounds ‘expensive’, the fact of the matter is that it can be done cost effectively with huge business benefits.

Enhanced security and cost savings

In the current financial climate, cost is often the main concern for most businesses when making key decisions about tech. According to a recent BT survey, 53% of SME’s cite cost as the first hurdle closely followed by security. But by implementing these often low cost solutions, companies can save thousands of pounds by increasing productivity, saving man hours and therefore improving profitability. Not to mention better serving their customers.

Second on the list were security concerns, 39% stated that they thought new technology wouldn’t improve data security. In fact, by storing information in the cloud as opposed to on site servers, sensitive data is more secure, fully encrypted and monitored 24/7/365. This addresses a key challenge of data security, giving customers peace of mind about information storage.

No big overhauls

Digital transformation doesn’t have to be a big expensive project for a business that takes place all at once and overnight. The nature of this in 2021 means you can add to your infrastructure and improve it as you go. Of course its good to have a clear plan that aligns with your overall growth but there’s no need to go in big and heavy anymore.

By doing this you can easily adapt to the needs of your customers too, nothing more prevalent than a pandemic to show how this can change overnight. This will feed directly into your business agility plans also.

By gradually making changes, your teams will feel more confident in their learning and therefore adoption of your new tech.

Be where your customers are

Take a look at your customer base, this may well have changed dramatically in recent months. How do your customers like to communicate? The move to digital can be anything from taking your entire customer service platform on to social media, live chat on your website, or even the implementation of AI with chatbots.

There are a myriad of ways you can streamline the way you handle your sales and service, whichever way you choose make sure you research it first. Sending out a customer survey can really help here.

Internet traffic prioritisation services can also help to ensure zero downtime and a fast response. With everything in the Cloud you know personal data is secure too.

Bring your teams along for the ride

Digital transformation will only work if the entire business is behind it, if you can, involve your teams as much as possible in the choosing and implementation of a new solution. Often they can be completely tailored to the business itself and how people interact and use them on a daily basis.

Take the time to understand current frustrations and ensure these are eliminated by the new tech. Then as we mentioned above, train them up gradually or allow them into the sandbox to get a feel for how it all works.

Lastly, make sure your digital transformation starts with a sound infrastructure, if your hosting isn’t up to scratch any changes you make could be compromised. At Cloud Heroes, our solutions adapt and grow with your business and you can simply scale them up and down to cope with demand. Give us a call or drop us an email to start your Digital Transformation journey.

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