Progressing your Estate Agency in the Cloud

With the housing market ploughing on through every lockdown, it’s had to make some obvious changes to adapt to a completely new way of working. We’ve gone from the physical to the virtual in a very short space of time so adapting to this is essential.

Virtual tours and Zoom show rounds are now the norm, but can your back office support all this technology effectively? We explore some solutions to keep you productive now and into the future.

A robust base network

You can digitally transform your Estate Agency overnight with various apps, productivity tools, VoIP systems and such like but can your network take it? If you are working from an on-premise server then it’s likely you should consider a move to the Cloud.

Cloud services mean you work without the constraints of bandwidth, storage and associated risks you get with keeping sensitive data on premise. The cloud is secure, so customer data is fully encrypted as it flows in and out of the business, reassuring them and your teams. Plus 24/7/365 monitoring comes as standard for watertight business continuity and 100% uptime.

Cloud gives your agents the confidence to look after your customers, knowing that sensitive data is secure and every marketing tool is available for them to use, no matter where they are located.

A robust network will also support your Cloud based applications such as Microsoft 365, allowing you to conduct virtual tours, share large files and diarise viewings so your agents can work productively.

Fast and responsive broadband

There’s nothing more frustrating than technology barriers, downtime equals loss of income, productivity and in the worst event customers. Not to mention the frustration your teams experience trying to access business critical applications.

Your clients expect you to be fast and responsive so you need to make sure your internet is too. When everything runs smoothly with minimal disruption you’ll really start to engage your staff and delight your clients.

Cloud Heroes broadband enables your teams to work on a fast connection from home, the office and whilst on the road. We can easily set up private networks too so you know client data is protected and sensitive business information is safely stored.

Choose a broadband service that’s right for your needs now and into the future, if you want to scale up your offering or expand your branches build this in.

We’re here to help and advise on the right and most cost effective solution for your particular agency and your growth plans.

VoIP telephone solutions

Using a cloud based VoIP telephone system gives you all the flexibility you need at a fraction of the cost and no long contracts.

Create as many geographical numbers as you need for various areas and branches as well as being able to use multiple devices. VoIP systems can integrate with your CRM too so your agents can make and receive calls with ease as well as using advanced call routing and recording options.

High quality audio ensures a clear call every time with the ability to hold conference calls when agents are on the road or at different branches.

A good VoIP system will keep your teams connected wherever they are located, you can even take it home with you!

The friendly team here at Cloud Heroes are always available should you want to chat through your growth plans. We are experts at helping Estate Agents align their solutions to better serve their customers and increase team productivity. We’ll to help you to design a future proof cloud infrastructure that will scale and grow with the needs of your agency.

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