Plug in and go with VoIP

VoIP phone systems are the ideal way to keep your business agile through any situation. With so many options, no long contracts and the flexibility to use any device from any location, it’s the ideal solution to teams working from home. A VoIP system ensures your business has a connected and productive workforce and therefore happy customers.

VoIP vs traditional voice

VoIP is now a well-established voice service in the UK and is rapidly replacing traditional voice services such as single-line PSTN and on-site PBXs – small telephone exchanges with fixed-wire phonelines distributed around the building.  Such services can only be used within the site where they installed and any redirection of calls to another location may be difficult and costly, if indeed it is possible at all.


A VoIP solution has two distinct advantages over traditional voice services: Firstly it’s cheaper to implement, the call charges are much lower, with a significant built-in call allowance for each phone; and there are no long-term contracts tying you into a service that might at some point, no longer suit your needs.  Secondly, VoIP provides a huge degree of flexibility to the way you run your business. 

Plug and play

In order to use your VoIP service, you simply need to plug the phone in to an Internet connection. Therefore, in such instances as the Covid-19 pandemic, phones can be taken home or to another location and used just as if they were in the office. You can install an app on your Smartphone and use it as if it were part of your office telephone system or use your PC as a phone too.

What do I need?

You need an Internet (broadband) service to use VoIP.  We’ll advise as to whether your current broadband connection is suitable or whether you’ll need a replacement or additional service.  As an Internet Service Provider, Cloud Heroes can easily and quickly provide this for you.

To connect to your office internet service, you’ll need a connection for your VoIP phone. You can do this via an ethernet cable plugged into your local router or switch but if this isn’t possible, you can choose a wireless phone or use your existing ethernet cable to connect the phone and then use a cable to connect the phone to your PC. A third option is to get additional cables installed from your router/switch to your desk.

Cloud Heroes can advise you as to which option would fit your specific requirements.

Will I get a contract and can you supply the phones?

We supply everything to you depending on how you would like your service to run, so essentially once you’ve decided on contract terms (packages start at 30 days) and handsets, we then do everything else.

We’ll set up your system, supply the phones plus any additional broadband services and hardware you require. You also have the option to bolt on a mini support contract to cover all aspects of your VoIP system.

Get in touch today and we can help you to design a system to suit your business needs now and into the future.

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