Cloud Heroes and big data

Businesses generate huge amounts of data and want to retain it all so it can be used at a future time. This provides a challenge for storage, security and utility.

That’s a challenge Cloud Heroes can help with.

What exactly is big data?

Big data refers to the huge amount of data businesses generate every day. It’s regarded as ‘big’ because it’s measured in gigabytes, terabytes and even petabytes (1,000 TB).

Considering each individual piece of data could be just a few kilobytes in size, that’s a lot of records!

A lot of records you need to store and keep safe for future use.

There are 4 main characteristics of big data:

Volume – As we discussed, big data is all about size. The sheer volume of data can be staggering and it’s all collected by your business.

Variety – Big data can include everything from emails, voice messages, files, audio, video, documents and anything else your business collects on a daily basis.

Velocity – Velocity refers to how quickly you generate data. Some businesses will generate lots of data slowly while others generate small amounts constantly. Others will do both.

Variability – Variability refers to the different ways big data can be used, analysed, interpreted and understood.

Why do businesses need so much data?

Businesses thrive on data-driven decisions. As we become more risk-averse, we want more data to help justify decisions.

That’s just one of the many reasons we don’t like to discard any data, no matter how seemingly insignificant.

Data can help you evolve, change, grow, improve, offer more, better and helps you refine the customer experience.

Every type of business uses data to help decision making and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

How Cloud Heroes can help you manage big data

Big data is an amazing resource to call upon when you want but needs to be stored somewhere and kept safe and available.

That’s how Cloud Heroes can help you manage big data.

We can provide:

Cloud storage

If you count your business data in terabytes or petabytes, it’s going to have to be stored somewhere.

Most companies don’t have the space or the money for racks and racks of drives. SSDs and NVMes are expensive to buy, even in bulk. Running them and keeping them cool is even more expensive right now.

Cloud Heroes has UK-based data centres with the hardware to store as much data as you need and ensure it’s always available.

24/7 monitoring and management

Data only provides value when it’s available, which requires 24/7 monitoring and management.

All data centres are monitored around the clock, both on site and remotely. Cloud Heroes has a dedicated team of IT specialists that monitor and maintain our data centres so we can ensure your data is always available for when you need it.

Our data centres are ISO 27001 accredited and can support PCI-DSS compliance too.


Two core characteristics of big data are volume and velocity. A cloud storage solution for big data must deliver on both of those in order to deliver value.

That’s something Cloud Heroes can guarantee. We have the infrastructure to cope with almost unlimited amounts of data.

You can start small and grow your storage as your data grows. Sensible pricing, transparent contracts and a reliable service designed to help you succeed.


Distributed data centres mean we can provide truly enviable uptime. As we mentioned earlier, data is only useful when you can access it, which is why we ensure you can always access what’s yours.


Data is currency. Not only for you but for those who want what you have. That’s why security is taken exceptionally seriously here at Cloud Heroes.

We are security experts. Your data will be protected by the most advanced physical and network-based methods. Protection methods can include firewalls, encryption, biometric security, two-factor authentication and some other methods we won’t advertise here.

Suffice to say, any data you store with us will be very safe indeed!

Peace of mind

What service does Cloud Heroes provide that gives us the most satisfaction?

Peace of mind.

Peace of mind is something that we could all do with more of, especially when our livelihoods are at stake.

Partnering with Cloud Heroes provides peace of mind. You’re working with industry experts and leaders in big data. Your data is kept safe, monitored 24/7, distributed across multiple UK, ISO 27001 accredited data centres and will remain accessible at all times.

If that sounds like something you’re looking for in your IT partner, contact Cloud Heroes today.

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